COMPELLED equips followers of Christ to share their faith in an intentional, relational, and relatable way within their sphere of influence.

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Compelled originally started because God, in His grace, decided to use an ex-antagonistic atheist and transform him into a lover of Jesus, reaching many people for Christ. With the encouragement of a few godly men, God has used this ministry to expand His kingdom.

Compelled started out as a “beta” version, teaching 30 young adults over 6 months. In those months, Tim taught all he knew about evangelism. Tim refined those teachings into a 6 week training program. By God’s grace, we have streamlined those trainings down to 4 weeks. These weekly, two hour sessions are invaluable for those who want to connect with people far from God who are willing to engage. 


We cover such topics as:

  • How to engage atheists, agnostics, seekers and those of other faiths

  • Apologetics (How to use them in a non believing culture)

  • How to study the bible with other people (Relational evangelism)

  • How to share the Gospel in a way that others will understand (Relatable evangelism)

  • How to engage an apathetic christian culture (Gospelizing Christians)

  • How to be intentional in your daily christian walk (Intentionality)


Compelled Training List

In Compelled, we believe that we should live in such a way that the world takes notice. When asked questions, we need to be prepared with an answer for the reason for the hope that we have in Jesus! (1 Peter 3:15)

Since August of 2012, Compelled has equipped over 3100 people through these trainings, from ages 8 all the way up to 85 years young. Compelled has helped train and equip such churches and ministries as:

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  • Trinity Church of Sunnyvale

  • Calvary Chapel of Amador County

  • Morgan Hill Bible Church

  • Saratoga Federated

  • Bernal Bible Church

  • South Bay Church

  • Bridges Community Church of Los Altos

  • Kingsway Community Church

  • Neighborhood Bible Church

  • Chinese Church in Christ

  • Twin Oaks Church

  • Morning Star Church of Newark

  • LifeGate Church

  • South Valley Community Church of Gilroy

  • Crossroads Bible Church of San Jose

  • San Jose State University

  • Westgate Church

  • Kingdom Building Ministries in Denver Co.

  • West Hills Community Church

  • Home of Christ

  • Hillside Church

  • Valley Church


Compelled Resource Development

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We have also equipped hundreds of others via YouTube video-casts and in small group settings.

We are currently developing a book on the teachings of Compelled which would feature a newer updated study guide. We are also testing a beta version of Compelled "201" to help answer the question: “Now that my friend/family has come to Christ, what do I do with them?”

Compelled "201" is envisioned as a training program that makes disciples who make other disciples! We hope to provide "Compelled to Replicate" starting in April of 2015'

If your church, business or college is interested in hosting a Compelled, please contact us.