Why don’t people share Jesus with you? Because too many of us have become that kid on your block that had all the sweet toys, but never wanted to share them with anyone. Everyone hated that kid; I still hate that kid.  

The great reality of the Gospel, sharing your relationship with Jesus Christ with someone else is this: It is the one gift that gets better as you share it. But why don’t we share Him with others?

Probably because we are scared.

We are scared that YOU will not accept us if we do.  But, ironically, that really shouldn’t stop us, because when we turn our lives over to Jesus, He then (should) become Who our identity is in. So, based on that fact, when you reject our message, you should be rejecting us, because we should be representing Jesus. But most of the time, we aren’t.

We are so far removed from the One who our identity is in, that when we share Him, it almost feels like we are sharing Jesus from secondhand information—not from a deep, personal conviction. And for that, let me apologize.  Because, if we know Him, we should show Him off.


 Because the real Jesus is worth knowing and sharing. The real Jesus—not a placebo, pop culture version who is neutered and prettied up, wearing a Miss America sash, with his flowing Fabio hair—not only is that Jesus unreal, but he is weak, watered down and not the god that any of us should/could worship. But there is a terrible epidemic in America, where people have bought into a buffet religiosity, where we pick and choose truth, we gravitate towards comfort, and we worship the god of our own desires!  And even though that seems a lot more easy or user-friendly, don’t be deceived; that will only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

God created you to know Him, personally. He is not a far off, distant, absentee father. He sent, crushed, and raised His own Son so that you could know Him intimately. But for many of us, we will choose to live this life without Him, because we would rather be our own god—which is hilarious, if you think about it.

For example, every one of us has lost our keys, right? Which is some pretty good evidence to our lack of being an amazing creator and sustainer of the universe, huh? We would rather take our chances at the end of our lives, assuming that no deity exists, because if he/she did, we think: “Then why would he allow so many bad things to happen to me? And why would he not want me to not have everything I have ever wanted?” Other than not wanting you to be a spoiled brat, my response to you would simply be: because every day and circumstance in your life is a culmination of events to allow you to know that you need HIM! You need Jesus Christ to live the perfect life that you can’t live.

But then you think: “Maybe God will grade on a curve, because I’m not as bad as my neighbor—he steals his cable—and I’m definitely not as bad as Hitler…” But you see, God doesn’t grade on a curve, and if He did, He would compare you to Jesus. How are you doing in comparison to Him? Raise anyone from the dead lately? Walk on water? Turn water into wine? I didn’t think so! You need Jesus Christ to die the death that you would have to die without Him.  And you need Jesus Christ to rise from the dead, proving that He is who He says he is. Because I can guarantee that you will not get out of this life alive.

So, who are you with?

Are you with the King of Kings? Jesus, who is who He claims to be? Or are you going to attempt to bring your moral record to God at the end of your life and say, “Lord, I attended church and sang love songs to You on Christmas and Easter. I only used your name in vain when I stubbed my toe on the fridge late at night. And I never watched any rated R movies that didn’t have Jesus crucified in them!” And He will simply say to you, “Have we met?”  

Meet Jesus. In this life, to have a relationship with Him is a way better “retirement” plan when it comes to eternity. But all joking aside, making Jesus Lord of your life it is the greatest decision you can and will ever make. 

If you are not sure how to do that, check out this link: http://www.iamcompelled.org/gospel


I would rather have you reject the REAL Jesus than accept a placebo Jesus. You end up in the same place, but at least you know what you are missing out on.