I hate when in prayers people refer to God in the 3rd person, even though you are (were) praying to Him in the 1st person. “God I am so thankful that you love us and have sent God’s Spirit to us…”


I hate when it takes 15-20 minutes for a preacher to say "Open your Bibles" Or to teach it, or to accidentally touch his Bible (assuming he has one that made it on to the pulpit).


I hate when a person gets on stage and thinks “like” or "um” is a good filler for when they weren’t exactly sure of what to say.


I hate that, in a church service, we do not make it easy for a person, who doesn’t understand church, to know what is going on.


I hate that when you hear that I am a Christian, you assume I am a Republican, hate homosexuals, and think that I just believe what I do because I grew up being brainwashed to believe in Jesus. (I didn’t, by the way.)


I hate that people would rather worship creation than the Creator.


I hate that the church often focuses more on programs than people.


I hate that Jesus is such a bad word in our country because people have no idea who He really is.


I hate that Christians fight over theological gray areas, giving the onlookers every right to say, “If that’s Christianity, I want nothing to do with it.”


I hate that the culture of Christianity in our churches helps harden the hearts of people in ministry the most.


I hate that worship leaders rarely listen to sermons in their own churches, because they have been desensitized over years and years of worship services.


I hate that preachers rarely worship in song anymore, because of distraction or apathy.


I hate that Christians celebrate the celebrity pastors, speakers, and worship leaders way more than they celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.


I hate the god that atheists hate as well, because he is a phony—an imposter who isn’t directly from the Bible, but from people’s culturally-infused imaginations.


I hate that grace seems too easy for people who want to try to work their way to God, when God worked His way to us, by sending His only Son to this earth to live, die, and rise again for us.


I hate that more people know what Christians are against, than what we stand for.


I hate that the Bible seems to be taught often by people who would rather hear themselves talk, and pontificate brilliant revelations they have had in their “quiet time,” than explain it in a way that their hearers could understand and accept the message.


I hate that, for 20 years of my life, I didn’t believe in God, but people up until my senior year in high school didn’t think that it was very important to share the greatest story, greatest message, and greatest antidote to death, fear, depression, failure, sin, and pride that the world has ever known.


I hate that, often in church services around the United States, we are attempting to please some made up person in our mind—that we are afraid to offend with truth rather than wanting to bring a smile to God’s face because of our willingness to obey through faith His great message of Hope.


I hate that the more you go to church, and the more truth you are exposed to, you are unwilling to listen to. YOU effectively harden your own heart.


I hate that the Devil has done such a great job of distracting the United States, especially from the truth of the Gospel, and points us towards the “American Dream” as our goal in this life.


I hate that young people get forced to go to church throughout their adolescent years. When given an opportunity to accept or reject the invitation to attend a church service, they have been so desensitized by religion that they would much rather see what else is out there than believe in a “phony, ledger-keeping, cosmic kill joy!” (I wouldn’t believe in that lame god, either.)


I hate that when we look at Christianity today in the United States, it pales in comparison to what was happening 50 days after Jesus had risen from the dead. It was fresh, yes, but Jesus is as much alive today as He was 1,980 years ago.  


I hate that we have made Jesus more about grace seasoned with a little bit of truth than who He really is, which is: 100% grace, and 100% truth, all of the time.


I hate that when most of us Christians look back at our lives, assuming we get to old age, we don’t regret how much time we wasted worshiping creation rather than the creator.


I hate that evangelism has become a bad word in evangelical churches in the past 30 years, especially.


I hate that discipleship has become an ambiguous “goal” that churches have, but don’t necessarily practice.


I hate that younger generations don’t read like they once did, so they would rather read what some celebrity tweets about while at breakfast, than what a theologian spent years studying about knowing God.


I hate that the Bible, for so many, is looked at as a rulebook, expected to be followed—rather than as a love letter, which pointed mankind to our absolute need for a savior.


I hate that culture dictates most of our theologies, when God’s word never changes, but culture will change before you finish reading this blog.


I hate that prayer is only culturally relevant after a tragedy, and not an expectant dialogue with the creator of Heaven and Earth.


I hate that people think that God is evil because He created Hell, but they have never thought through how ridiculous it would be to make people worship Him for eternity if they don’t want to.


I hate that most churches are totally satisfied with people making decisions and dunking them in water without any expectation of regeneration by the Holy Spirit. 


I hate that in the church today, we focus so much on gathering larger and larger groups of people, and not growing the people the Lord has provided to us.


I hate that this coming weekend, there will be hundreds and thousands of churches that will have hundreds and thousands of people attend their church services, and will teach them how to be more moral... encourage them to have more faith... but the Cross of Christ, repentance, the Resurrection, and our sin will not be mentioned—out of fear of offending our hearers.


I hate that the more I follow Jesus, the more sinful I realize that I am…


"Christian, if you ever have a fight with the church, it better be a lover's quarrel."


I love that Jesus cared enough about us to stay on that cross for our sins. He gave up His life, and not even death could keep MY God down!


I love that the Cross proves that our sin was paid in full, past, present, and future.


I love that the resurrection is our receipt, proving that we are redeemed by God’s grace, and only through faith in Jesus Christ.


I love that if you have read this far in the blog, you have read and hopefully understood the Gospel: that Jesus did for you what you could not do for yourself. He lived the life that you and I could not live—a perfect life always honoring His heavenly Father. He died the death you and I should have died because of our sin. He rose from the dead, proving He is who He and the Bible claim who He is: God with skin, the Savior and Lord of Heaven and Earth.


I love that if you decide that you believe, trust, and obey this truth, your sins are forgiven, and you are adopted into God’s family.


I love that the Gospel seems too good to be true, even 13 years after I said “Yes” to Jesus Christ on 6/13/2001 in a church service in Sunnyvale, California.


I love that there isn’t a person on Earth who “couldn’t” believe in Jesus if they were to hear about Him, but I hate that many will choose to reject Him because they don’t want to obey Him.


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