Dear Friends,


By God’s grace, I have been allowed to lead the nonprofit Compelled, which has equipped over 4000 people in the Bay Area, thus far, since August of 2012. Compelled Evangelism Training has been taught at churches, colleges, retreats, and as workshops. As we have taught it, my wife, Erin, and I have prayed that as many as possible would not just hear it and allow Compelled to become a program they have done, but a lifestyle in which they live. To connect, engage, and build relationships with those around them.  


Over the past couple years, God has also allowed our family to move out of the area (again) only to spend time in what felt like the desert to equip and prepare us for the next steps of us in our ministry and spiritual lives.


Late last year, I made a connection with the executive pastor of Hillside Church in San Jose (formerly known as the Evangelical Free Church of San Jose), where a great relationship and friendship was started. After meeting with much of the leadership at Hillside, a date was set for Compelled to partner with Hillside and start our training in late January 2015. 


While doing trainings at churches, we have seen anywhere from 25% to 60% of a church's weekly attendance show up for our Compelled teachings. But when we offered Compelled at Hillside (and after preaching on a Sunday morning), it was very obvious that God was going to do something very special through this group of people. 


As the training date came closer, we saw more and more sign-ups for Compelled. After all was said and done, we had roughly 90% of the church body show up for our four-week training! Not only that, but months after the training had been completed, "Compelled stories" of people young and more seasoned were still being shared throughout the church. 


I had the great honor of being asked to guest preach on Easter Sunday to the English and Spanish congregations, enjoying the day, proclaiming about our risen Savior. After connecting and hearing about all the Lord had been stirring in the congregation and leadership, advisors in my life helped me see how God could be creating a partnership, at least for a season, to help Hillside in their goal of "multiplying" disciples of Christ and being hearers AND doers of the Word. 


After many meals and meetings with the Chairmen and Vice Chair of the elders, and through prayer and conversations with those who know me best, God seemed to have been preparing Compelled to partner with Hillside for a longer time period than just the typical four-week training we generally offer. 


As of July 1st, I will have the honor of being Hillside’s “Interim Preaching Pastor and Advisor.” My role will consist of creating sermon series and messages that help encourage, equip, and empower Hillside Church in their vision of multiplying disciples of Christ. We have committed to six months of partnering together, as Hillside will also be a home base for the Reillys. Trinity Church of Sunnyvale, our home church, will be sending us to serve at Hillside for this time. I will be meeting with Joel King, the lead Pastor of Trinity, who is also my pastor, one of my mentors, and closest friends. He will be coaching and encouraging me as Compelled serves Hillside. 


This partnership also is in place to help Hillside’s current staff be able to focus on the congregation in shepherding, counseling, and leading the people there . . . without the main responsibility of creating sermon series week in and week out. Hillside Church has a wonderful search team that has been assembled to pray and seek the Lord’s leading as they attempt to find the next Lead Pastor who will take over the teaching and vision for the church when hired. The church has been around for over 60 years and has a very gifted and passionate eldership and staff that truly want to see disciples be multiplied. Compelled, as a ministry, is beyond thrilled and honored to work so closely with them. 


Compelled will still continue to run full steam ahead, as we have Evangelism Trainings scheduled in Santa Cruz, south San Jose, and Los Gatos in the next coming months. Plus we have just released our “Compelled to Replicate” (201) as a beta teaching, which we plan to teach to leaders at Hillside Church and anywhere else we are invited to help create disciple-makers who make disciple-makers, etc. 


Compelled is bringing on new staff to the team to help run more logistics and create more opportunity for the ministry to equip and empower more and more people. Our first training (Compelled to Share, 101) has been put into a soon-to-be-published book (workbook and leader guide) to help people use the trainings as small group material as well. 


The most exciting thing for us at Compelled is that this isn't a part-time pastor job and doing Compelled full time. This is an opportunity for Compelled to help equip a church for an extended period of time while honing and refining what we do to help equip and empower disciples to make disciples, to make disciples, etc. 


This partnership starts July 1st, so please be praying for the Compelled team, the Hillside leadership, and the Hillside congregation as we partner to help live out what Jesus has called us to do. Our hope is that this will be the first of many churches that Compelled gets to partner with in the Bay Area over a longer time period of interim preaching, consulting, and equipping so that we see more and more churches of the Bay Area effectively raising up disciples who raise up disciples.


Should you have any questions about this new partnership, feel free to contact us at:


If you would like to see the announcement shared in the Hillside worship service:


If you would like to partner with us financially as we continue to equip, empower and employ more staff to help us live out the Great Co-mission:


Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.


In His Service, Tim Reilly


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