“Preach the Gospel and make disciples…” Is the answer that I feel like I’ve been giving a lot lately, when asked, “What are you going to do once you are done at Hillside?”


For the greater part of the last decade, I have been involved in Christian ministry, where I have had the opportunity to grow as a minister and proclaimer of what Jesus Christ has done. I have enjoyed it a ton, as I believe that I was created to talk about, point people to, and dialogue about who Jesus is. Over the past six years or so, I’ve been involved in pastoral ministry, where I have been developed more and more as a pastor of people, churches, and of other leaders, all while starting and leading my non-profit called Compelled. (Which exists to equip followers of Jesus to share the hope that they have in an intentional, relational and relatable way.) Compelled has grown through equipping close to 5000 people (in person) over the past few years, especially in the Bay Area, and thousands more through the online presence of Compelled.org and YouTube. 


The influence the trainings have provided has created opportunities for Compelled to Replicate discipleship training to be created and to have been taught at a few churches thus far, which is an Equipping seminar on how I have learned to disciple people through the past few years, to point people towards spiritual growth and obedience, in practical ways. Over the past few years, I have spent a good portion of my days meeting, teaching, discussing Scripture, and praying with seven to fourteen different men consistently. Some of them are in ministry and either a local missionary, lead youth ministry, lead worship or lead churches. There’s also a police officer, project manager, college student, a barista, and an engineer. This has been one of the most fruitful and joyful experiences for me, as I get to invest in others, and I have had the opportunity to grow exponentially in my spiritual walk.  


Eight years ago, my family and I moved back from the central valley after what I would call “four years in the desert.” And when we did, we started attending Trinity Church of Sunnyvale, which led to serving in the youth ministry for me, and eventually starting a young adult group for those who attended Trinity. After some time, and God producing a lot of fruit, I got asked by the new lead pastor who had just come on to the staff (Joel King) if I was interested in becoming a pastoral intern and being on Trinity’s staff. I spent the next part of a year learning from Joel and learning what it was like to be on a church staff.


After being commissioned to be a pastor, I started serving with another church’s ministry that was becoming a church plant, and spent a while investing in a group of about 30 who I got to teach and learn from when it came to evangelism. This, without really being the plan upfront, evolved into the Compelled evangelism training that I now teach pretty regularly in the Bay Area and beyond. 


About three years ago, my family and I decided to move to the south county area where I took on an associate pastor position at another mentor’s church in Morgan Hill. My wife and I believed that we could raise a family in a place like Morgan Hill because it wasn’t as crowded and busy as the South Bay. Morgan Hill is great, but after moving away from the Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area where I grew up the first time, I should have known that it was probably where we should have stayed. Morgan Hill grew us both spiritually, in dependence and in being in a different context, but the South Bay is really where Compelled and our ministry is rooted. 


So after a little over a year, we moved back to the Santa Clara area, where we decided to attend and serve at Trinity again, and after preaching a nine-week series, and doing a Compelled evangelism training at Hillside Church of San Jose, a partnership with Hillside was brewing. After being asked to preach on Easter of 2015, my board and a few elders talked and prayed about a possible plan to have me come back to Hillside in an interim pastor role while they looked for their permanent lead pastor. 


I had the opportunity to serve and lead in multiple ways, such as the preaching calendar, advising in spiritual formation, and being able to invest in all types of people close and far from God. After my six-month assignment, the elders asked me to come back in February of 2016 for a few months to do one more preaching series on Sunday mornings through Easter.


At this time, my wife and I have been approached with multiple opportunities in ministry specifically, while attempting to do what is best for our family, as well as for our spiritual health, Compelled, and our calling. My bride, Erin, and I have both felt a leading over the past few years to commit to one church family as far as community is concerned for our own well being, but also for our children who are growing older. 


We have been incredibly blessed with renting a home in Santa Clara, which puts us in the heart of where I grew up, (and really close to Peets Coffee) to do ministry in the city that I went to high school—and in the heart of Silicon Valley, which is a dream come true. About six minutes from our house (by car) is Trinity Church of Sunnyvale, where many of our friends and family attend. Trinity’s lead pastor, Joel King, and I decided to meet to talk about what it would look like for the Reillys to come back to Trinity Church. After discussing needs and wants that both Joel and I have, it became apparent that much of what has happened over the past few years was to grow me as a follower of Jesus, as a husband, a father, and a pastor. Joel asked if I would be interested in coming back to serve at Trinity in an unpaid teaching pastor role, while continuing to train and equip churches all over the Bay Area through my Compelled nonprofit ministry to share the Gospel in an intentional, relational, and relatable way, while partnering with Joel to help lead Trinity towards making disciple makers who make disciple makers.


After discussing with my bride (and kids), we all feel that this is the right move for our family, as we truly love Trinity Church, and the vision to make much of Jesus in the Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area, while also utilizing Trinity’s influence in the community and Gateway Neighborhood Center’s (the back building at Trinity) to serve, reach, and equip people to follow Jesus more fully. Assuming the congregation votes me in as one of their pastors on 4/10/16, I will start working in mid April and help serve the ministries at Trinity, while equipping and developing more leaders to use their gifts. I will also start preaching more regularly soon after that as well. I will continue to disciple eight different men involved in ministry around the Bay Area, and teach our Compelled Evangelism and Compelled to Replicate Discipleship training all over the Bay Area, wherever we’re invited. Additionally, I will still be guest preaching and doing college and outreach events wherever invited and when available as well. I’m currently in the process of turning Compelled to Replicate into its own book, to give practical ways to invest in others who then can in turn invest in others also. 


This is a very exciting time for myself, my family, and Compelled, but this is also a HUGE faith step, as for the first time in a few years, we won’t have a supplemental income in pastoral ministry, because Trinity isn’t in a financial place to hire me on paid staff as of yet. However, we are trusting that God will provide as He has for close to half a decade as a full-time missionary through the support of many generous donors and churches in the Bay Area that are behind the mission of Compelled and seeing people reached, equipped, and empowered to make disciple-makers who make disciple-makers.


So, here is what I need from you: If you don’t trust, believe, or know Jesus, would you reach out to me, if you are at all interested, in finding out why he is worth so much to me that I would give up a lucrative insurance business a while back, or trust that God would provide for my family of six (in the Bay Area) without a for-sure paycheck expected each month. If that is a compelling reason (see what I did there) to ask more questions about Jesus, I’d love to talk to you about it. 


If you are a follower of Jesus, would you pray for myself and family, for Compelled and for our team, and for Trinity Church as we are trusting a big God to do big things through all of this? 


If you have been blessed by Compelled, either in a training, or by the teachings online, and you feel led to give above and beyond what you already give to your local church, would you consider becoming a monthly or annual supporter of Compelled? It’s tax deductible, and as my board members have reminded me often, it is one of the best investments someone can make eternally, because we are proclaiming and equipping people with the greatest message on earth. You can follow this link to donate either by mail or on PayPal: http://www.compelled.org/support/


If you do not have a church family, and you are interested and around the Santa Clara/Sunnyvale area, I’d encourage you to come check out Trinity Church of Sunnyvale at either 9am or 11am on Sunday mornings at 477 N. Mathilda Sunnyvale, CA. We will be back there starting 4/10, so please come say “hi” if you drop by. You can learn more about the church at http://www.svtrinity.org


For a quick explanation of what we will be doing on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvnn8uUkjSU


I appreciate you reading this and learning more about what we are up to. Blessings!


-Tim, Erin, family and Compelled team.