COMPELLED desires to see the Church prioritizing and living out discipleship and evangelism so that disciples are making disciples who make disciples.

COMPELLED's leadership has learned SO MUCH in the process of training over 5000 people thus far through COMPELLED trainings. So, as a strategic next step in equipping the Church to make 2 Timothy 2:2 the very heart of Church, COMPELLED is coming along churches themselves to help the Church to see transformation in discipleship and evangelism.

COMPELLED currently works in and with many churches of various denominations, sizes, and theologies through the Bay Area and beyond - preaching, sharing vision, discipling and equipping leaders, and engaging congregations. 

For church leaders who desire to see multiplication become an inherent culture in their congregation and in their leadership, COMPELLED can provide a range of consulting assistance with one clear goal – to prepare, enable, and equip the Church for God to bring the “Transformation of Multiplication.”

The types of specific consultation COMPELLED can bring are varied, but the desired outcomes are always consistent:

  • Staff and lay leaders who lead programs and activities of the Church, which encourage and enable disciples and empower, equip, and exhort disciple-makers.

  • Elders equipped, empowered, and released to be shepherds and overseers of the church.

  • Church services that connect with those not familiar with Christian culture and language.

  • Congregants who are as much doers of the Word as hearers of the Word.

  • People who build intentional relationships to effectively help others connect with Jesus.

  • Sermon series that connect evangelistically in discipleship and apologetics.

  • Mobilized college/young adults strengthened to “not fall away” in their formidable years, but also equipped to bring their energy and relevance to the world around them.

  • Church communication that engages and connects into our communities.

  • Youth focused on growing as disciples and becoming disciple makers themselves.

  • Small groups focused on shepherding, discipleship, and replication.

  • Children who learn about God and His heart, that none should be lost.

  • Men’s and Women’s ministries focused on growing spiritually and drawing others in.

  • A culture and lifestyle of evangelism and discipleship.

Need Coaching?

If your church leadership is interested in partnering with Compelled to "make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples," please contact us to schedule a time to connect so we can assess how to further the Great Commission together!

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When you and your church family decide it’s time to move from being containers of the gospel for personal use, to proclaimers of the gospel for Kingdom benefit, Tim Reilly’s your man. He has the heart of an evangelist, the mind of an apologist, and an uncanny knack for connecting with all types and ages. We are definitely better for having had Tim at our church.
— David. W. Hegg, Senior Pastor Grace Baptist Church