Compelled Together Intro



Compelled Together Intro


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  Join us Sundays at 10:45am (400 N. Winchester Blvd. Santa Clara, Ca 95050)


Our Values


Our Values


Our Values

Welcome        Our Values        Our Story        Our Team        Contact

The Values:

  • Participating in the work of the Spirit by building one another up.
  • Connecting with God & one another by cultivating relationships.
  • Authentically living life together in grace and truth.
  • Developing disciples who disciple by applying God’s Word to our lives. 

The Mission

Making Disciple Makers who make Disciple Makers.

The Vision

Growing into the likeness of Jesus by being doers of the Word in community.

  • What if there were an opportunity to “try stuff” by engaging and participating in a community experience that focuses on allowing those in attendance to apply what they are learning through accountability, discussion and encouragement?
  • What if the Gospel of Jesus Christ was explained in an intentional, relational and relatable way every week, while allowing people the opportunity to ask questions of a community who knows first hand that Jesus transforms lives?
  • What if the time spent singing allowed for space to actually focus and reflect on the words, without being a transition to the teaching?
  • What if the main purpose of the time spent was that people would connect, grow through community and participate in what God was saying?

Do you think community could change the world?
So do we.


The Word of God to be proclaimed, authentic worship of Jesus through song, prayer, and offerings while facilitating a genuine community experience through participation.

A spirit of participation, a willingness to make new friends, and a commitment to applying what you learn from God.



Our Story


Our Story


Our Story

Welcome        Our Values        Our Story        Our Team        Contact

How it all began:

"Probably the newest and scariest investment of Compelled’s time is a new type of Church Plant called “Compelled Together.” Over the years, I have had a stirring to see what would happen if we created a different expression of a worship and community experience. We wonder if it would produce a different result. Over the past few months, we have been meeting with people who are not connected to a church community, or have felt a leading to be a part of something different. We take parts of a contemporary worship service and a community group and blend them together. It could be considered a Worship service/Life group/Compelled training hybrid that is focused on connecting people into a relationship with Jesus while the focus being spiritual growth.

The conviction that has stirred in me is that often when we attend a worship gathering, we observe more than participate. And often we hear the truth of God, but don’t always have an opportunity to wrestle with what was taught or apply the convictions of our heart.  

So a small core team and I started to pray, worship, and study scripture. As we did, we realized that being the church is far less about just sitting in the same room together weekly, but to be in one another’s lives; pushing one another towards holiness, striving towards being doers of the word, and ministering to each other through the work of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, while reaching out to those around us with the life giving message of the Gospel. 

I know nothing we are dreaming of doing is new under the sun, but as we have practiced this type of worship experience, people have bonded with one another, love for Christ and others has continued to increase, we have grown spiritually through the hearing AND doing of God’s Word, and we have experienced another type of worship expression that has been impossible to keep to ourselves. 

On Sunday evening July 17th 2016, we conducted a “preview service” at a church in Sunnyvale Ca, where the core team and people that were invited by the core team came and spent the evening worshiping together in singing, prayer, the reading, and discussing of God’s Word. Honestly, I was in awe of the authenticity and quick connection of this larger gathering of people, who intentionally connected with one another over prayer, worship, laughter, and tears in reverence to a holy and perfect God. I sat speechless as we sang a song in worship, being reminded that for over 10 years I dreamed about being part of a community of people who wanted to pursue, praise and please God together. 

At the end of the evening, I asked everyone to share what their “takeaways” were from what was taught and experienced, and the consensus was a spirit of unity and an expectation of authenticity being met. We laughed and praised God for what had just happened, and many stayed for a while to talk, connect and share contact info to grab coffee together in the near future. Many of the core team and others went to In-n’-Out and talked more about what God was stirring in us. Hearing from those who attended this preview service, there has been this consensus of excitement, because for many of us, we didn’t know that this was something that was possible.

We now have a plan as a core to continue to meet weekly to pray, prepare and participate in community with God and one another.  We are focused on quality rather than quantity, but it has been very exciting to watch God continue to add to our number. We started with about 10 as a core team, now we have more than 15, and that first preview service had close to 30 people who were personally invited by someone from the core team. 

I have been honored and privileged to speak in front of thousands of people in person and on line. I also meet pretty consistently with 12 men weekly at Peets coffee individually and in small groups. I get to influence and meet with many leaders throughout the Bay Area, especially. But I don’t know if I have ever experienced what went on at this preview service of “Compelled Together” . Facilitating a discussion and connection among people who want to pour out their lives may be the most exciting thing I get to do in ministry. 

We now meet every week in the south bay area, with the focus of helping one another grow spiritually as we hear and apply God's Word to our lives.  When we started the Compelled (Evangelism) trainings, we had no idea what God would do with our efforts. It is so exciting to be able to be a part of a community that exists to make much of Jesus, while being available to those exploring faith who have questions and would like to wrestle with the claims of Jesus in an authentic environment. 

In August of 2017 Compelled Together and Church of the Valley merged to become "One church, two expressions, reaching a city!" in Santa Clara California. We are now truly multi generational as we attempt to grow more into the likeness of Jesus together.


If you are looking for a community to help you grow more into the likeness of Jesus, or would like a group of people to help you wrestle through questions about Jesus, contact us, we'd love to have you join us on a Sunday morning some time soon. "


- Tim Reilly


Acts 2:42
They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.


James 1:22
Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.


Matthew 7:24
Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practiceis like a wise man who built his house on the rock.


Matthew 28:19-20
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.


Acts 8:30-31

Then Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked, “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.

Our Team

Our Team

Welcome        Our Values        Our Story        Our Team        Contact

Tim Reilly

Lead Pastor

My name is Tim Reilly, and I am the founding and Lead Pastor of Compelled Together. I am married to my best friend Erin Reilly, have 4 awesome children: Reagan, Lorelai, Evangeline and Boston. My mission is that people would know and grow into the likeness of Jesus by being doers of the word.

I started Compelled ministries in 2012’ as an evangelistic equipping ministry, and Compelled has equipped more than 5000 people in the Bay Area in person, and many more across the country online. We also produced a discipleship training (Compelled to Replicate) which has trained many leaders and disciple makers throughout the Bay Area as well. God put on the hearts of a small group of us to start Compelled Together by meeting weekly in a back yard, which eventually grew into a church plant that focuses on participation and equipping those in attendance to be doers of the Word. I love Jesus, my family, the Red Sox, Peet’s coffee , Apple products and superhero movies. 

Erin Reilly

Children’s Director

I have been part of the Christian church since I was four years old. My parents began looking for a church to attend as a family when I started to ask them questions that they were unsure of how to answer. My family was very involved in the church that we began going to. I often joke that it was our second home because we were there whenever the doors were open. Having this kind of connection and positive experience in our church made Jesus real to me for as far back as I can remember.  I also felt blessed to have a faith of my own, but it wasn't until I met Tim Reilly (my future husband) that my faith was challenged. 

I had my first encounter with Tim in high school. He was needless to say my least favorite person in the whole world. He questioned and made fun of everything I said, stood for, and truly believed. While this was difficult, it pushed me to hold firm to my convictions and model genuine care for someone that didn't believe what I did. Seeing Tim’s life change and witnessing his transformation from an antagonistic atheist to an antagonistic evangelist also did a work in my life. I had never before understood why sharing my own faith was that important, but watching how God used his story to awaken something in other people began to light a new fire in me too.  He taught me things that I had never seen in the Word before and doing ministry with him felt like home.  

Seeing Tim through God’s eyes helped me to see myself through His eyes as well. I continue to understand, daily, my purpose and the gifting that he has giving me to further his name. I love seeing and getting to be a part of God’s work in connecting people, especially children, into a closer relationship with Him! I graduated from San Jose State in 2005 with a Bachelors degree in Child Development and my teaching credential. In 2003 I married Tim, and we have four wonderful children. I have been a Children’s Director off and on for the past 5 years. I love children, my own and other people’s kids. I love reading, running and anything Disney.

Erin Cheney

Worship Director

"Hi, I’m Erin Cheney. I’ve been married to my awesome husband Steven since 2006' and together we have two amazing kids: Paxton and Nevaeh. It is such an honor to be the worship director for Compelled Together. I have been on various worship teams as a background (and shy) singer for years, but it was only recently that the Lord invited me to step beyond my comfort zone and learn to lead. With a borrowed guitar, crazy faith, and lots of prayer, the Lord enabled me to learn to play the guitar as a 30 year old- and I led my first worship night just 5 weeks later. Everything just clicked and I felt at “home”.

Ever since that day, I know without a doubt that this whole thing is a gift from the Lord- and the joy of getting to do this for Him far outweighs any fear. One of my favorite things the Lord has been teaching me as a worship leader is how to care for His people- to not just sing at them but to sing with them. Now nothing gets me more fired up than to experience a room full of people who are singing their hearts out to Jesus- where they almost don’t need me anymore because they’ve been given courage to worship for themselves.”

Kevin Chieng

Pastoral Intern of Ministry

"I was raised in a culturally Buddhist household. During high school, I started meeting Christians and became intrigued by people who worshipped a God that wasn’t just about tradition and rituals. After series of discouragement and depression in my Junior year, I began attending Trinity Church youth group and met Tim Reilly. For about 3 months, Tim would treat me out to lunch every week and we would share our lives and study the bible.

Through supernatural circumstances, the gospel became clear to me, and I discovered a God that was tangible, active, and passionately in love with me who would die for me, rise from the dead and I was radically changed. This love caused me to become a missionary and my desire is to see the church revived to reach those that don’t know Jesus yet.

I am currently a student and a missionary at San Jose State studying Kinesiology emphasizing in Personal Training and Rehabilitation. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking/eating food, going on crazy recreational adventures, and dancing.”

Steven Cheney


Hi, my name is Steven Cheney. I have been married to my beautiful wife Erin (Cheney, not Reilly... got to be careful with that) since 2006. We have two great kids, Paxton and Nevaeh. I was born and raised in the City of Santa Clara. My family taught me what it's like to love and follow Jesus and from a very young age I knew I needed His saving grace.

A few years back, I had the opportunity to go through the Compelled to Share series. I was faced with a reality check that it's our job to share Jesus with those around us and not to leave it to the "missionaries." I am so excited that I can be a part of Compelled Together as we grow more into the likeness of Jesus as a community. I am a big fan of the outdoors and anything camping/ backpacking.

John Colburn


General Info:  I’m married to an absolutely amazing woman named Kerry Colburn. We have 2 amazing girls named Jane and Lindsey. Kerry and I both grew up in Mountain View and were married in 2011.

My Story: I grew up in the church but became a prodigal son when I went to college (Luke 15:11-32). God used people, circumstances, and a supernatural conviction to draw me back to a relationship with Him. The most important thing I’ve ever done is submit my life to Jesus Christ which I did in 2010. Since then I see everything from a new perspective. I first met Tim Reilly in 2012 when I participated in one of his trainings (which was awesome, you should go). I am really, really, really excited/honored to be a part of the Compelled Together family. Like, seriously.

Fun Facts: I’m kind of obsessed with my wife & daughters. I’m a construction guy and make a living managing commercial office projects. I snore really badly and need to use a sleep apnea machine. I love blues music. I like to organize things; usually into “buckets” (metaphorical). I was in a pretty good surf-rock band in college.

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Contact Us



Welcome        Our Values        Our Story        Our Team        Contact

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