“I recommend this training for anyone. ANYONE. If you are young in your faith, more experienced, even if you don’t think you have a faith, this is a great opportunity to learn, grow, and be equipped. Teachings are easy and entertaining. Bring a pen! You’ll want to take notes. I also recommend attending more than once, I have gone through twice now and have learned more each training.”

- James Asselin


"Compelled is a ministry that is equipping the church to be more than a holy huddle but the kind of people that are putting their faith in action and being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Whether you are a seasoned leader or are an ordinary person like myself, you will leave inspired and ready to make an impact to share the gospel with those around you. Tim Reilly is an evangelist/pastor fulfilling a deep need that is lacking in modern day American Christianity. I have great respect for not only the way Tim Reilly lives out the calling he has been given with such passion and joy, but motivates and coaches others to do the same."

- Rigo Lopez / Fellowship of Christian Athletes Bay Area Representative 


“I absolutely loved Tim Reilly’s evangelism bootcamp (a.k.a. Compelled). After 6 evenings of training, I feel so much more equipped/challenged/STOKED to share my faith. Tim is absolutely hilarious, inspiring, and truly makes the main thing the main thing: JESUS. Specifically, the awesomeness of the truth of the resurrection. Blind faith is dangerous. Thankfully, Christianity is not a blind faith. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW THIS. I signed up for this training so I could learn how to share the Gospel with others. It’s been awesome to receive, and be changed by, the Gospel myself in a fresh, new, exciting way. I’m so grateful for this ministry. I can’t wait to see all that God accomplishes in and through it.”

- Kayti Ramirez


“Compelled was awesome. I was challenged to let my life show love that others might see Christ. I was encouraged and empowered to share just how great a God I serve . “Don’t keep Jesus in the tomb.” Christ is risen, therefore we have hope. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. You will come out praising our good God and you won’t be able to stop telling people about Him. Tim makes our problem of sin real, and makes the solution (Jesus) even more real.”

- Valerie Near


“A tremendous series and I highly recommend it to all followers of Christ. We are all commanded to intentionally share the Gospel and make disciples of all nations yet too many of us shy away from that responsibility for various reasons. Tim strategically tells us how to engage others in real everyday life as the Lord leads. He teaches us how to defend key points of the Gospel, how to engage atheists, agnostics and seekers, as well as people of other faiths. Tim is energetic, has a great sense of humor and knows his stuff. I hope to go through the series again in the future.”

- Dean Leonard


“I invited my non-believing friend to the third training, where Tim talked about historical evidence that points to the resurrection of Jesus. She was really engaged the whole time listening to the presentation. Then the next week, I got to ask her what she thought of it and share the Gospel with her. Before that, we had been meeting up every week for almost six months, and I had already shared about my faith, but this training was really the catalyst that helped me go forward in inviting her to step into a relationship with God for herself. Thanks Tim! And praise God for showing up and being awesome!!”

- Elanor Lin


“Be wise towards outsiders…” The command to be wise is a call to be trained and equipped which means going to seminars like Compelled. But Compelled is special. Even as a 10 year campus minister with Cru, i benefited greatly from Tim’s seminar. Tim brings great bible teaching, passion, an ocean of experience and fruit, and fresh anecdotes that stick in your mind. I walked away not just better trained, but more excited about Jesus.

- Paul Nunez


“Having been through several evangelism training experiences, there is something different about Tim’s ministry. He speaks with an authority and personal testimony that I truly believe are God-given. Tim has personally led hundreds of people to Christ in the last year and I have personally witnessed him baptize dozens of people. I love Tim’s passion to share the Gospel, his clarity about his calling to do that and his desire to see God’s Kingdom advanced. Tim’s COMPELLED personal evangelism training series is real-life, applicable and accompanied by exercises and ‘homework’ that help people put the principles into practice right away. Tim’s college campus chapel messages have brought dozens of people to commit their lives to Christ.”

- Tom Greene


“If you are concerned about reaching this generation for Jesus Christ, but if you honestly are not seeing people come to Christ, then I would encourage you to consider Tim Reilly’s ministry on relatable evangelism: “Compelled.” One reason some don’t reach more people for Christ is that they’ve lost the passion of our Heavenly Father’s heart. Tim brings passion by the bucket-loads–that will spill out into your life and ministry. But maybe the bigger issue is that they aren’t confident in their approach. Tim’s training will engage you with a style of evangelism that is relatable, gospel centered and that uses a person’s unique gifts to share the good news of Jesus. If you want to see yourself or your church making a greater impact in reaching others for Christ, then consider “Compelled.” Tim has passion and an approach that reaches this generation!”

- David Whitaker


“How can anyone NOT enjoy Tim’s compelled trainings? Even if I was an atheist I would be able to respect him, he knows what he’s talking about, because his background demands it. I thought all I had to do to evangelize was be intellectually sound and be good at talking to people, but Tim shares a clear and blunt Biblical conviction that we are not called to just make believers, we are called to make disciples. His sessions are filled with nuggets of solid gold, don’t let this treasure, that is Compelled, slip out of your busy schedule. Go get the gold, keep it, use it, and teach it.”

- Natalie Mukhtar


“Aimed against comfortable Christianity, Tim Reilly’s Compelled training breaks down evangelism into six sessions of in-depth examinations on the basics of evangelism. Being a high-schooler, all six sessions were not only helpful but also a breath of fresh air in being able to meet different people who are curious about sharing the Gospel. Tim’s messages were relatable, funny, full of take-home applications, and most of all inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend going to all of the Compelled trainings; it will encourage and equip you to share the Gospel like we were meant to!!!!”

- Darren Yau


” “teaching is not just giving information;teaching is making the learner want to learn more” -Howard Hendricks …..This is the way the compelled training left me feeling; like I want to learn more, study more, and engage people more. I am excited to attend the next training! I am excited to get to share my faith with others, because this training has laid it down in such a way that it has made me more confident in what I believe and why. It caused me to study and research and invest in my relationship with Christ. My daughter who is 13 attended as well and she is asking questions and seeking Jesus more than she ever has. So whether you are a teen, a young adult or a bit older :) this training is incredibly worth the time to attend. I never even got bored or felt like I ‘jjust wanted it to be over’ which is impressive for a two hour class after a long day of work! I would challenge believers and non believers to come check Compelled out…. Seek the truth, make your faith your own, and know what and why you believe!”

- Holly Davis


“I think a lot of people want their friends and family to know God. The Compelled trainings taught me to be intentional in my relationships and that my life is the biggest testimony I can give. Tim Reilly is encouraging, I loved that he took time out for me to answer my questions and help me learn. Everyone who attended is excited about sharing the gospel and I met many new friends who encourage me and that I can pour into as well. Compelled trainings helped get my passion burning and I’m so glad that I now have tools to help the people I love meet the God I love.”

- Crysta Causin


“Compelled is an excellent program that teaches how we, as children and servants of God, can confidently step out of our comfort zone to share the Gospel with the nonbeliever and remove the excuse of “I don’t know how to share my faith”, as well as how to share how you’ve been experiencing God in your life to fellow believers. I thank Tim Reilly for his enthusiasm while leading this training, which keeps all of its trainees attentive and wanting to learn more of how we can further God’s Kingdom and represent Him in this world of sin.

I am currently a Freshman at SJSU and part of the Pulse college ministry on campus. Ever since I started college, I’ve thinking of ways on how I could potentially reach out to my hallmates and other non-Christian friends that I will continue to make. I’ve always seen myself as someone who would not be knowledgeable enough to share what the Gospel is to a nonbeliever, or at least lacked the confidence. My mindset really changed after experiencing Compelled. I definitely learned so much from Compelled and cannot stop thinking of ways on how I can apply all that I’ve learned to my life. I feel so driven and COMPELLED to speak and share on the Gospel to others and start new relationships that will lead to another soul being saved.

One last thing that really stuck out to me was something encouraging that Tim said: “Your relationship with Christ is personal, but Christianity is a TEAM sport.” As Christians, we need fellow brothers and sisters to help and support us in our walk. It is an essential to growth. This is another topic that Tim covers really well through Compelled.

Anyway, I could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs on what I’ve learned and why I think anyone who calls themselves a follower of God should come check this out, but I want YOU to experience it yourself! I want to see YOU be personally impacted by God through this workshop.

I EXTREMELY recommend this Evangelism training course for those who not only struggle with reaching out to non-Christians, but also anyone who would like to meet and fellowship with other sisters and brothers in Christ. I’m sure Tim will be leading this training at many more places and for many more years to come, so don’t miss it! PTL for Compelled and go out there and share the Good News!”

“”Yet when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, for I am Compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

-1 Corinthians 9:16

- Jordan Pon



“I have never been so in love, so captivated, so enthralled, so excited, so indescribably happy since I have heard the voice of the Lord. Through Compelled, God has given me a joy that I cannot explain. I am so excited to learn more about my Father, so excited to be among his children.”

- Rebecca Wang


“I have been following Compelled’s equipping training online and am loving it! I have been a Christian for a long time but only recently discovered apologetics when Tim Reilly came to teach at my church one Sunday last spring. Since then I h ave been studying it as much as I can. Being a person who is by nature shy and introverted I was beginning to struggle with how to talk to people, both believers and non-believers, about the hope we have in Christ. Then I learned that Compelled was going to do this series. We are 4 lessons into the program and it has helped me to learn how to initiate conversations with others purposefully as well as challenge me to be more concise in what I am trying to express. Additionally I am no great debater but the material is valuable in understanding different sides of the arguments as well as how to not get sidetracked when those debates do come up. Each week I find that I cannot wait for the next teaching and I am eager to see the last two! I have no doubt that attending in person is awesome however I do not live in the bay area so I am very grateful that they have live-streamed and posted videos of this training. Definitely recommend it!”

- Belinda Neal

“I had the privilege of attending the first-ever Compelled workshops at Trinity Church in Sunnyvale. Every single class was incredible! Here’s how I would describe them: (1) Approachable: Tim’s lessons are easy to understand, not over your head. The material was fascinating, and Tim’s delivery was, as always, enthralling. I was always on the edge of my seat and never lost focus. (2) Do-able: I often hear people say that they don’t feel like they know enough about the Bible in order to be able to share the gospel. But evangelism doesn’t require a crazy-high pastoral level of knowledge, just a heart that LOVES Jesus and loves people. (And that wants to grow spiritually, of course!) (3) Informative: Tim provided us with a lot of info that will be REALLY helpful as we share the gospel, like 13 points that skeptics and scholars agree upon about the resurrection. We walked through several arguments that doubters will use to attempt to refute the resurrection, and were able to explain every one using these 13 agreed-upon points. (4) Flexible: Tim does not give you a list of do’s and do-not’s, but rather principles to apply to each situation. Each person is unique, so how you share the gospel with one person can be different than how you would share it with another. (5) Empowering: This is a BIG one! Evangelism often seems daunting and scary. But the Compelled workshops actually compelled (!) me to WANT to evangelize. I became less afraid of messing up and more empowered to give it a shot and see what God could do. (6) Encouraging: Several non-Christian people who attended the workshop got saved! We got to see Jesus rescue people right before our eyes, almost every week! I’ve been a follower of Jesus for most of my life… and these classes made me even more excited about following Jesus forever. Praise God for what He is doing through Compelled!”

- Casey Moore


“You need to ask yourself one question, “Do I want to live an epic/exciting life?” If the answer is “No”, then go on living an average Christian life. But, if the answer is “Yes”; that you want to have an effect on people that will last past this life time & into the next, then this is a training that will help you along that journey.”

- Chaz Meyers


“Are you a Christian looking to strengthen your faith or even someone curious about who Jesus is? Tim Reilly’s Compelled trainings help you understand what Christianity is, and teach you how share your faith in a relatable way. Tim’s experience and passion in evangelism makes these trainings not only informative, but fun! Come to Compelled and you won’t regret it!”

- Jessica Young


“Whether you’ve never shared the gospel with anyone or you’ve been making disciples for decades, Compelled is a fantastic place to be inspired and equipped to share your faith. Tim provides encouragement and direction on how to articulate the gospel and address those with differing ideologies. Its fun, interactive, and thought-provoking to say the least. I definitely recommend you find a place near you and take advantage of this training. And then take it again. I know I am.”

- Brad Gouwens


“How can we not tell a dying world about our Great God?! Dream big, be bold, and BE PREPARED. Never felt so encouraged, challenged, equipped, and excited about making Christ Following Disciples a reality. God equips the called, and this course equips! God is doing amazing things here in the Bay Area. Be a part of something greater. Let Compelled challenge your reason for living and your passion to pursue Jesus. It did that for me… why not be next?”

- Jordan Galbraith


“I just finished Compelled at IF tonight! I’m so glad for the opportunity to acquire so many tools for reaching people for Jesus! I highly recommend this for every believer.”

- Ruth Scott


“I just completed the fourth and final week of training for “Compelled” and I am so happy I decided to take an affirmative action step in my faith. Tim Reilly is very articulate and straightforward in his teaching and I now feel much more equipped to fulfill what Christ has instructed us to do: go and make disciples. I liked tonight’s teaching the best: How to talk to agnostics, atheists and people of other faiths. I would highly recommend this class! Thank you Tim and Incarnate Church in Gilroy.”

- Sharron Pearson


“The beauty of evangelism training is that while we are equipping ourselves in promoting and defending our faith, we end up convincing ourselves even more emphat ically on how right it is. And that would be only one of the reasons for a Christian to be constantly engaged in evangelism endeavors. Tim Reilly’s six-session Compelled training is an excellent resource for Christians at varied maturity levels–whether a new Christian or a Christian of many years. The heart of his down-to-earth equipping is in apologetics, since his own background is from an atheistic viewpoint. However, Tim is not interested in skill-building merely for its own sake. He has finely-tuned his presentation to unfold carefully with priorities of evangelism addressed in the right order. Also, even for critical listeners, Tim’s understanding of the major concepts of the Bible will time and again accurately constrain his entire training within a solid Biblical worldview. Tim has wisely incorporated participatory activities within his two-hour session for maximum learning, but the majority of the training is based on his excellent communication skills. He is obviously excited about what he is doing. He’s funny. He effortlessly keeps his audience’s attention while giving the critical tools to reasonably express the foundation of the Christian faith to a non-Christian. Even for those whose personality types are not drawn to apologetics, this training will serve to de-fuse anxiety for engaging with people who are opposed to Christianity. I am eager to recommend this training to my friends and support Tim in his desire to have this training reach tens of thousands.”

- Written by a missionary whose focus is in Asia

"The compelled series has changed my life. I have been a Christian since I was 4 years old when I accepted Christ and was baptized. That was 1978. I've been going to church since I was in the womb and have seen some interesting things go down. I've seen pastors fall and churches crumble. The 80's was a hell fire and brimstone era where Christian guilt was perfected. It also ran rampant with financial and moral hypocrisy within the Christian community.  Choosing to accept Christ and be baptized at age 4 seems odd to most. But I totally knew what I was doing. I knew what it meant. Or so I thought. I saw it, even at that young age, as an insurance policy. I could now continue my path of being a "bad" child and still have a ticket to heaven. I grew up living a dual life. I was a church kid on Sundays and Wednesdays and a heathen child the rest of the time. I walked that line until I was about 12 when I stopped going to church altogether. I still believed in God and Jesus and all of it. I still had Christ in my heart but not in my life. The teen and college years....well that's somewhat R rated so we'll just say, I turned my back on the idea of religion and living a "Christian" life but I never turned my back on God. I read the Bible and prayed but mostly only in hours of need. I always said that I would sow my wild oats until I was 30 and then I would go back to God. Well, God called me back at 25. His little joke to show that's he's still ultimately in charge. lol I returned to church and instantly met my husband. We've been married for 12 years and have two kids. Through all this we both have continued to grow as Christians but it's been a real struggle for me having children and trying to be a "good" example for them. I've been mostly joyless since my high school days experiencing many major losses between the ages of 16-19. And although I have been "happy" I haven't had JOY. And there is a HUGE difference.  The compelled series has done many things for me. It has relieved me of that old Christian guilt. It has given me a confidence in what I believe and why. It's shown me that it's ok to be me, warts and all, and I can still be an example of Christ and his love. It's given me interpersonal relationship skills that I thought I had, but perhaps are now more fine tuned. Tim, your casual, confident, matter of fact presentation is infectious. The last few weeks I have been able to identify real, genuine joy in my heart and calm and peace in my life even through some recent trials. You've broken it all down so simply and purely that I can no longer justify punishing myself with the old Religious Right ways in which I grew up. Your series has given me a spiritual freedom.  In the last 3 weeks we have committed to being community group leaders and we are planning on attending Scott's Wed night series on the scriptures. And his Grace series on the heals of Compelled is perfect timing. We are excited to be involved in our church and start reaching out to our community. I even had a friend negatively accuse me of having changed. Yes, yes I have. I'm no longer embarrassed to have my beliefs and you've shown how being a Christian doesn't have to be a drag. So, with great enthusiasm I say thank you! Compelled has truly changed my life." 

- Christa Rumpler


“I HIGHLY recommend Compelled trainings. I have been to one training, and have watched two more through live streaming/online. Tim’s teachings have been so encouraging, focused, and fruitful. I’ve put to use many of his application points already, and I see God working! Thank you, Tim…and team! I am so grateful;-) I might also add the trainings have come at a perfect time for me as God has called me to a new ministry at my church to engage in fruitful conversations through a large community outreach at my church! Whoo hoo!”

- Tasha Radford


Sharing the Good news and Hope in Christ Jesus isn’t just for the few, but a responsibility for all who call themselves a Christ follower. The Compelled trainings give biblical foundation, insights based on real-life experience, tools and applications; all that remain focused on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tim has done an amazing job recognizing the disposition, experiences, and gifts that God has given him to be so transparent and tangible about sharing the Good news of the risen Christ Jesus. He has taken these gifts and developed material for these trainings to share with all of us, so that we may all recognize the responsibility we have to share God’s story with those around us. I urge you to attend one of these training series (or more than one). He also make them all available on YouTube. I was incredibly blessed to attend, and I know God plans (and already has) to put what I’ve learned to use in the lives of those around me.

- Tara Hall


“As a reserved personality, the thought of evangelism used to intimidate me. My perception was that you had to be the outgoing, argumentative person who had all the answers; the person on the corner with the signs and bullhorn; or the door t o door pedlar of the faith. How relieved I was to learn in Compelled that relational evangelism is what we should strive for, and what we are all capable of doing in our own spheres of influence. I learned that it isn’t always about having the right argument, or even bringing up the topic of Christ in general. Most times relational evangelism is just living out Christ in front of the people you know to the point where they WANT to ask questions. Once conversations start, Compelled equipped me with the tools I needed to identify dead ends, circle arguments, and coming up with good thinking questions to ask people to keep them thinking toward the resurrection. Compelled doesn’t emphasize debate, (though it will give you plenty of valuable facts on Christianity and other religions) it does emphasize listening to others and valuing their opinions and their soul. The soul is what we are interested in, because it’s what God cares about – and the program teaches you that while we can use these tools to get people thinking, we must always remember God cares about our friends and family more that we can, and it is only God who can bring that person to Christ.”

- Caylin McGuire


“If you call yourself a disciple of Jesus, follower of Jesus, and/or Christian, you should attended this training. No matter wherever you’re at or what you’re going through, it’s a training that will challenge you, grow you, and give you more of an understanding about Jesus and the Gospel.”

- Brandon Moore


“I just completed the 6 week Compelled training with about 30 other people from my church. Seriously, all of us got something from Tim’s passionate, thoughtful, convicting lessons. We had young teens to a couple in their 70′s attend. What a neat time to be together for 6 weeks unitied to learn to be equipped in sharing the Gospel. God is using Tim in his giftings to impart practical training in sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to the world. It’s Biblical, Christ exalting, encouraging and fun. I think you should check it out and be equipped to follow Jesus in His work. Are you ready to share the hope in you?”

- Jenn Cook



“The curriculum for this class is well organized, clearly conveyed, and very informative. I really appreciated this class and would recommend it to anyone. One thing in particular I took from this class was to work on my own understanding of Christ’s message and determining the reasons for my set of beliefs and priorities, which needs to happen before I can effectively convey the message of the Gospel to others. Compelled has been a tremendous part of my spiritual growth this year. I felt very welcome each time I attended and also found the YouTube videos to be just as effective for those classes I could not attend in person. Thank you to everyone involved with this ministry!”

- Alana Guzzetta


“I learned so much at Compelled, and I highly recommend this training. If you get a chance, GO to these trainings! It has given me the confidence to share Jesus in situations that previously were difficult for me. I am hoping that Tim will bring Compelled to many more churches in our area.”

- Angela Muonio


I just recently finished Tim Reilly’s Compelled training and I can honestly say that it was an amazing experience. It definitely was relatable to my life and gave me the tools that I need to go out and share my faith with both Christians and non-Christians. The lessons were not super complex but informative enough to take the lessons and apply them. It’s not about going out and rattling off how much you know about Jesus and the Bible, but it’s about living in such a way that people want what you have. What I love about Compelled is that it doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual journey; it is a place where new-believers and people who have been Christians their whole life can come and learn about evangelism. The lessons were always incredible and It wasn’t just two hours of lecture. I liked all of the hands-on activities and “small group” time because it gave me a chance to meet new people and actually begin the use the knowledge I learned in Compelled. The discussion questions were sometimes difficult, but they were really engaging and allowed me to think deeper about my own faith. I unlocked a lot of stuff in my heart that I didn’t know existed, like whether or not I would be afraid of converting if I talked to an atheist. I would highly recommend this course, even if you are unsure about it. Praise God for everything He has been doing through Tim Reilly and Compelled. Amen!

- Michelle Varraveto


“Practical, engaging, real-life preparation for being ready in season and out.”

- Christine Vatuone


“This is a great course I advise it”

- Ethan Carlsen

“This was a very well done training. I highly recommend it for anyone even if just to learn basic sharing of the gospel. You don’t have to desire to become an evangelist to benefit from this training.”

- Michael Alford


“I REALLY look forward to Mondays now. As bizarre as that sounds, it’s because I get to look forward to Compelled :) I never leave the same as I come. I’ve gone to every training and after each meeting, I feel more and more locked in with and strengthened in my faith. I love Tim Reilly and I love Compelled! So blessed to be apart of the Lord’s kingdom with my brothers and sisters in Christ

- Tien Vo


“This was an amazing experience, not only in learning to help others but spiritually for myself as well. I would encourage everyone, if given the opportunity to open your hearts and welcome the rewards it brings. Compelled is amazing!”

- Jessica Burnett


“The last six weeks of Compelled were amazing! God has really worked in my heart and exposed my discomfort for sharing my faith. I now have no excuses and feel more comfortable because I have techniques to approach conversations about faith. It has been a true blessing!”

- Jamie Lahey


“I recommend Compelled to all people of any faith, christian or non-christian. If not to learn how to share your faith in an un-awkward, relational way (which Compelled training does) then to see that Christianity isn’t based on blind faith, or religious rituals, or is just one belief out of many, but its about a loving relationship we get to have with our creator. Its not a scam or a trick to get something from you, but Christ followers are just genuinely passionate about sharing this message of truth and love. It’s been awesome learning from Tim and even more amazing to discover that evangelism isn’t reserved for the select few, but available to all who love Christ.”

- Tim Suarez


“I went to a compelled seminar a few weeks ago, and have been following online on youtube. As a Christian, sometimes it seems like I am on my own. Sure there is the church, but what is outside of that? Right now my church is going through a branching of the ministries; to the dismay of the Taiwanese congregation. However, this was the only way because the Taiwanese congregation have been limiting our English congregation in terms of what we can and cannot do. With Tim’s teachings in compelled, I hope my church can learn from it, and start to grow in Almaden valley. I recommend compelled to anyone who believes that they are here for a reason.”

- Henry Ho


“As someone with already a lot of experience in evangelism, and personally leading evangelism teams, I found the training I received through Compelled to be very valuable. The skills taught are not canned salesmen techniques but natural and relational ways of relevantly communicating the gospel to people in your context. The skills are easily transferrable to whichever context God has put you in to make an eternal impact on people’s lives. Going into full time college ministry, I’m excited to take my new knowledge and passion with evangelism and put it into effect!”

- Jeff Oleson


“What is Compelled to me? To set context, let me quickly mention that I have been living zealously for Jesus since He encountered me in 1986, and have had the privilege of serving and ministering in many different settings and roles, on 5 continents. But this isn’t about me. Let me just put it like this…Compelled is unique in my experience. I have been to all four sessions so far and have left each one challenged, encouraged, empowered and more convinced than ever that, not only do we need to prioritize living in a way that brings Jesus and His message to people, but also that this is so doable for ALL of us. Tim is an awesome example and teacher, an imparter of vision, but he is also being used mightily by God to convince us we really can do what we should be doing! He makes it reasonable for all of us, never elevating a personal gifting as if evangelism is a specialist work to be undertaken by a “special few”. Through Compelled, Tim is smashing that myth and setting up an emerging company of clear-thinking, intentional ambassadors of Jesus, filled with His love. Compelled is an answer to prayer for me personally, and I am convinced that in Compelled we are seeing the emergence of a tool and ministry that is destined to touch communities, regions, and nations. The key to reaching the masses is that laborers emerge and are sent to work in the harvest. Compelled is focused on doing exactly that. In my opinion, every believer who is serious about Jesus should sign up for this series as soon as possible. This is probably THE most urgent priority facing the church today. It’s one 2 hour session a week for six weeks. It will be the best 12 hours you could spend in getting connected with the heart of Jesus and making yourself ready to be a channel of that to the world. At the end of the day it is all about Him! Last night was amazing. It’s like the presence of God was so real, His favor was flowing, and I left with a joy and “freshness” that has remained. It was a privilege to be there. God bless you Tim and team. And thank you.”

- Mike Parkyn


“Such a great 4 weeks at Westgate. Tim is so great and makes his message so practical. Everyone should do this training”

- Michelle Berry


“Compelled is an amazing experience. Tim teaches in a very relatable way and gives extremely practical tools in sharing the Gospel. The focus last night was on Jesus and the resurrection and the way it was taught was interactive and useful. The notes I took last night were notes that I know I will continue to use for the rest of my life. As Christians we are called to share the good news, but personally that felt extremely awkward and not very practical for me. After last night, I feel much more confident with facts that are easy to explain to back up my beliefs. We were also so blessed to be able to witness a POWERFUL testimony and baptism as well as some worship songs. The air was think with the Holy Spirit and I was so grateful to be there experiencing it. For anyone considering Compelled, I would STRONGLY recommend it.”

- Stacy Johnson


“There could not be a better name for this ministry. Compelled is a FANTASTIC ministry devoted to spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ. God has done and continues to do amazing work through Tim Reilly. Tim’s passion for spreading the love of Christ truly is compelling, and has thus compelled and equipped me to dive deeper in faith and effectively share the Gospel with others. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these 6-week trainings to people of any faith, and at any level of their spiritual journey. I can honestly say that Compelled changed my life, and I pray that it influences yours just as well :)”

- Gianna Bandoni


“My name is Don Porter. I began in the ministry with Bible College back in 1969. I led my first people to Jesus that year and have been witnessing ever since. Tonight will be my final of the four lessons by Tim. After all these years I am still learning how to be more effective and Tim is a great teacher. It was a joy to be with as many as 75 S.J.S.U. students there learning how to better share the gospel with their friends. Tim is a FIRST CLASS teacher. I was educated, encouraged and inspired. Thanks Tim for your wonderful work for the Bay Area and for the Kingdom!”

- Don Porter


“Tonight was my 3rd time going to Compelled and for the 3rd time in a row it was a very enjoyable experience. I literally try to write down every word in these seminars because because it’s all so useful. I feel more confident and eager to f ulfill my duty to share the Gospel of Christ with others. I brought my dad to Compelled tonight too. He loved it. We had some Awesome worship at the end and everyone was totally praising Jesus. The Holy Spirit’s presence was strongly felt in the auditorium by everyone. And it is HONESTLY also a great place to bring people who don’t have a relationship with Christ. Next week I’m going to invite some of my non Christian family/friends because I know it will be perfect for some of them.”

- Casey Shears


“It was well worth taking the time to listen to what Tim has to share. We could all be more intentional, and stop letting secondary issues take over. Thanks for doing what you’re doing Tim!”

- Chase Nelson


“I began Compelled thinking I’d learn the ins and outs of talking to people about their faith. And not only did I learn how to talk to followers of Christ, but I also learned how to talk to people of other faiths. Over the course of the trai nings, I also acquired a boldness that I never had before, both in sharing my faith and in speaking when I feel the Spirit leading me. I learned to ASK QUESTIONS — and learned what kind of questions to ask. I learned so much that has already helped me tremendously in speaking to other people. The teachings are accessible, applicable, and approachable, and Tim does a great job of breaking down the concepts and answering questions so you are prepared to talk to anyone. If you want to be able to relate the gospel to anyone, go to the trainings. You will learn something new and you won’t be disappointed!”

- Ana Acosta


“I remember when i went on a weekend away for a church retreat. My friends cried for Jesus, and although i was touched an loved him, i did not know how anyone can actually cry over this. Tonight i finally understood. It was amazing, so much more than i would have expected. How god just spoke to me and touched me was incredible. I cried through worship, for the very first time. When i was singing, i just felt a sudden cry outburst and a realization hit: God saved me. Tonight was amazing, and i cant believe how excited i am for the next session.”

- Angela Wang


“Truthfully, I didn’t really know what to expect from Compelled, but It makes a difference in not only your day, but your perspective. In one night of training, I can say that I feel exponentially closer to Christ and it’s an amazing feeling . Despite being a general room of strangers, you feel close to the people that sit next to you, connected by the curiosity to believe and hope. Anyone of any age or religion, just curious about the word of Christ, should definitely give Compelled a shot. It’s worth every moment to sit in that worship hall and just be astounded.”

- Nathan Pham


“Compelled is a training course that every Christian that desires to be missional should take. The content taught a Compelled is unlike any other. Not only will you learn how to share your faith with others in a relatable and relational way, but you will come to a greater understanding of how to relate with those who are far from God. Whether you are a ministry leader or just a Christ-follower who wants to be effective in sharing their faith, the Compelled teaching will be absolutely relevant to you. As an individual on how to be intentional and relational with others and as a ministry on how you can better reach those who are far from God and become a missional movement for the kingdom of God. Get equipped. Get trained with Compelled. Do the Compelled training now… While it’s still free ;)”

- Tim Castagna


“What a blessing the last six weeks have been. If you are serious about 1. Growing in your faith and 2. Sharing the Gospel with others, this is the training that is right for you. God has used Tim in the past six weeks to test me to a new le vel. Before getting to the evangelism part of the trainings, Tim really challenged us to examine our own lives, which was necessary and eye opening for me. Not only did I find spiritual growth apart from evangelism in my own walk with Christ, I also came out of the trainings feeling so much more equipped to evangelize than I ever have before. Tim will teach you how to evangelize with people of so many different backgrounds in a relatable, reasonable, and relational way, which is so much more beneficial and fruitful than reading some 5 Steps to Turning your Friend to Christ article that you’d find online. If you are questioning whether or not to attend the trainings, then please take them. You will not regret it!”

- Matthew Wright


“The Compelled training program that Tim Reilly holds for six weeks is a great start for evangelism training. It keeps, in my opinion, a balanced perspective from the start not to be so overly focused on knowledge, but rather primarily be an encouragement for others to know the risen Christ. As a youth pastor myself, I know there is a lot that goes into sharing your faith with other people, but all in all it doesn’t have to stray so far away from the basics. I am personally very excited to be a part of the individual break out sessions that will go in in the near future. These plan to be sessions that will go into specifics on how to share you faith with particular people groups who don’t believe. I am excited to see where and how God will use this ministry!”

- Yuji Ogura