"This fall 2014, Tim Reilly spoke to the students at Fresno State. and gave a talk on what it means to be committed to Christ as a college student. It was without a doubt one of the most compelling talk I have ever heard.  Students were challenged to give their lives totally to Christ and to make a difference on their campus.  Tim has a way of connecting with his audience especially college students through his unique humor and short quotes.  I would highly recommend him." 

- Eric Hiett / Cru director for Fresno State


"As someone who has been mentoring the athletes at Stanford for 40 plus years, trust me when I say that Tim is a unique person whose heart beats to a similar drum that mine does.  He is all about Jesus!  He will keep you entertained as he challenges and trains you.  You will emerge from his training with a smile on your face and the confidence and tools you need to effectively share your faith with literally anyone.  And as they come to know Jesus personally, you will be equipped to do what Jesus calls each of us to do as we go…make disciples!"

- Jim Stump / Chaplain Stanford University


"Truly a man after God’s own heart, Tim Reilly is not afraid to speak the Truth. He is fearless, insightful and passionate. His teaching and instruction are thought-provoking and powerful. At our SJSU FCA Leadership Training, Tim clearly discussed the definition of the Gospel and why we are compelled to share it. Then, he demonstrated it while addressing the SJSU FCA Huddle. Through his own story of God’s transformative change and the inability to no longer deny the resurrected Christ, people responded to this Good News! Thank you Tim for being proof that “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose!”

- Kelly Elliott / Director of FCA (SJSU)


"Whoever heard of over 300 people committing four Thursday evenings to evangelism training?  In 2015….in the Silicon Valley?  For those four weeks of training, there was a constant “buzz” in the air as over 50% of our congregation engaged with Tim, his well-designed notes, his stories, and his creative teaching.   Momentum grew as we heard more and more stories of intentional relationship building which often opened up doors to sharing the Gospel.   A month later – that momentum continues to build – as believers realize that Jesus has issued His mandate to each of us:  Make disciples.   We are praying that this wave will continue to grow, even into a tsunami impact for the Gospel that will affect this valley – and beyond - for eternity.   I cannot recommend Tim and Compelled too highly."

- Scott Owsley / Executive Pastor Hillside Church


"Of the many qualities and characteristics I have come to know about Tim, there is one that stands alone: Tim loves people well enough to be honest. His messages are straightforward and direct so as to leave no area to question and demands the audience to evaluate and respond. This honesty, which is saturated in the love of Jesus, comes from the close relationship he has with our Heavenly Father and the urgency of the Gospel. Because of the great responsibility he feels, Tim is attentive to the needs of the audience and will spend countless hours in prayer and preparation, but also with those whom he is speaking to. Most assuredly, Tim will captivate and equip any audience. What a blessing it is to know a man whom is fighting the good fight so audaciously!"

- Mikaela Serafin / Cru at Cal Poly and Cuesta 


"Tim Reilly is an amazing speaker. He has spoken for us multiple times, and he has something new and challenging to present to us every time. He is energetic, and captures your attention. Tim delivers truth with conviction and Grace. He is great to work with, punctual, respectful, kind and fun."

- Hannah Hughes / Biola After Dark Chapel Intern


"Tim taught at a recent men's breakfast and I greatly appreciated how Tim has the unique ability to be incredibly practical as well as exegetical. Our men appreciated how Tim engaged their world and had great humor, but he also did not hesitate to speak some hard truth that needed to be heard. It is great to have someone come and share God's word with our group who has such a heart for making disciples and equipping the Church."

- David Frederick / Associate Pastor West Hills Community Church


"Those of us who follow Jesus desperately need new teachers who will help us to know how to communicate the love of Jesus and the truth of the resurrection to people in this shape-shifting culture. The old ways aren't working any more, and we need new direction and a new vocabulary for helping others say "yes" to Jesus. Tim Reilly is a specialist in the area, and It seems to me that he is one of a few new voices who understand the nuances of our times and is able to help the rest of us to understand how we can build friendships with others in hopes of loving them into a brand new relationship with Jesus. Tim's platform is based on building loving friendships with others and telling the truth to them over time. Not only is Tim teaching us how to introduce people to Jesus, he's also teaching us how to be true friends – something that has unfortunately been lost too many of us to follow Jesus."

- Jeromy Deibler / Lead Singer FFH


"Tim Reilly is a powerful communicator who masterfully fuses well architected information with intellectual depth and breadth. His genuine passion, engaging communication style, energetic pace, use of story and humor, and comprehensive scope of content converge to make Tim a refreshing and provocative speaker. I've had the pleasure of meeting many whose faith in Jesus was dynamically transformed through Tim's speaking, and their spiritual growth and depth is remarkably evident! Tim is an exceptional apologist and his convictional and compelling faith-based presentations are outstanding!"

- Dwight Robertson / Ceo of Kingdom Building Ministires


“Tim is a man after God’s heart with a passion for people who are far from God. He is incredibly gifted as an evangelist and has unique ability to equip others in this area. Tim has been a huge help for South Bay Church as we have sought to engage a higher number of our people in intentionally reaching out relationally to those in our community who are apart from relationship with God. I highly recommend him to help your church accomplish the Great Commission. “

- Andy Wood / Lead Pastor South Bay Church


“Tim’s impact has been huge here in the south bay as he admonishes the church to live out the Gospel.”

- Jim Asselin / Community Pastor at Trinity Church of Sunnyvale


“I highly recommend Tim to you both as a practitioner of what it means to be a follower of Christ in our valley and as an effective communicator of the Gospel.  Tim is relational in his approach to sharing God’s good news and Biblical in his content of what can and should be shared in our culture.” –

- Steve Clifford / Senior Pastor at Westgate Church


"Tim Reilly is a remarkable/dynamic communicator. There are few communicators that have the gift of inspiring lives through their own life story. Tim Reilly articulates his story with such charisma and boldness that hearts are drawn into the heart of his message ,­God did for us what we couldn¹t do for ourselves.  If someone isn¹t moved to live life differently after hearing Tim speak than they simply weren¹t listening to his message."

- Rigo Lopez / Fellowship of Christian Athletes Bay Area


“I was thrilled to have Tim Reilly as a speaker at our Monte Vista Christian School chapel on Tuesday Oct. 15th. His energy was authentic, and his message was able to give the students a true look at the Gospel, without condemnation. I have had so many students express to me that he was their favorite speaker, and we look forward to having him again.”

- Lonzo Caves / Monte Vista Christian School Teacher and Chapel


“Perhaps his personal journey is the reason why his gift of evangelism shines so brightly.  Though it is a passion, it is much more than passion for Tim.  It is like breathing — evangelism is what he was created to do. For anyone who continues to be skeptical about miracles, they should definitely meet Tim.  He helps seekers of truth to receive the miracle of God’s truth almost every day (literally).”

– Avery Stafford / Lead Pastor Common Ground Church in Beaverton Oregon


“Tim tells his story and weaves it in with the truth of the Gospel in such a way that you’re inspired and convicted at the same time.  He was a great benefit to our church.”

- Elliott Sands / Executive Pastor at Church on the Hill


“ I love Tim’s passion to share the Gospel, his clarity about his calling to do that and his desire to see God’s Kingdom advanced. Tim is a young guy in energy, communication style and message who connects as well with high school & college students as with young and mature adults. “ –

- Tom Greene / Elder at Trintiy Church of Sunnyvale


“Tim is a highly passionate and exceptionally gifted communicator of the Gospel. His riveting, personal story as an Athiest coming to faith in Jesus offers a high level of credibility and power in his message. He provides fresh, tangible ideas in reaching those far from God in relatable and intentional ways. If you want to make disciples who make disciples, I highly recommend Tim and his refreshing approach for the ninety-five percent of us who don’t have the gift of evangelism.”

- Debbie Mcdonald / Community Group Pastor WestGate Church


“Tim Reilly is the real deal.  He doesn’t just talk about reaching people far from God, he actually does it.  There is no person I know that has personally led more people to know and follow Jesus than Tim Reilly.”-

- Filipe Santos / Executive Pastor at Southbay Church


“If you are concerned about reaching this generation for Jesus Christ, then I would encourage you to consider Tim Reilly. Tim is one of those speakers our people want to have back. But be prepared–his passion is contagious!”–

- Dave Whitaker / Lead Pastor at Morgan Hill Bible Church

“Because the love of Jesus has absolutely rocked his world, Tim is able to communicate the gospel with great passion and conviction. As our Men’s Retreat speaker, Tim really connected with our guys. He not only spoke TO them, but he also spoke WITH them. He makes it personal and takes the time to connect with guys one-on-one. Tim did a great job tailoring his messages to what we needed as a ministry, and what we needed to hear as men in Slo Cru.”

- Jamey Pappas / Team Leader, Slo Cru Cal Poly and Cuesta


“Tim is a gifted apologist and evangelist that can communicate in such a way that it’s easy to understand and reproduce. Tim is a great communicator who lives out the message of hope that he preaches. “

- Joe Usher / Youth Pastor at South Valley Church in Gilroy


“Tim loves to talk to others about Jesus more than anyone I have ever met. He is a gifted speaker who can connect with any age. Tim has the God-given ability to present the Gospel in such a way that people respond and grow in their faith.”

– Ernie Morales / Family Pastor at Trinity Church of Sunnyvale


“Tim Reilly was amazing in his presentation on relational evangelism at the Salt & Light’s North American Leadership Conference – Western Region.”

- John Issacs / Lead Pastor at Kingsway Church


“Tim is an ambassador chosen by Christ for the work of an evangelist. Christ has committed to Tim the gifts and the call to deliver the message of reconciliation. His ministry goes beyond conviction and giftedness though; it is a special and powerful work of the Holy Spirit.  “

- Joel King / Lead Pastor at Trinity Church of Sunnyvale


“Tim Reilly brings an authentic and passionate presentation of the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  Words cannot replace a heart embraced by the redemption given through Jesus Christ. Tim’s passion is infectious.  The Holy Spirit will use him to motivate you and your church to share their faith.”

- Tim Robnett / Ceo of Tim Robnett Evangelistic ministries


“As a former atheist, Tim Reilly is pioneering a fresh approach to evangelism that engages the heart without forsaking the mind.  Tim’s blend of appealing to both heart and mind while sharing his potent story of personal transformation is reaping great benefits for the Kingdom and is putting the “good” back in the Good News.”

– Gabe Gilliam / Lead Pastor at Saratoga Federated Church


“Whether speaking to a large crowd or speaking one on one in a coffee shop Tim’s spiritual gift of teaching radiates with evangelism.  His passion to share the Gospel is contagious.  Being around Tim makes me want to be a better pastor.  I have seen Tim highly effective in preaching, training staff and in his evangelism seminars.  Simply put when Tim speaks people come to faith in Jesus.”

– Steve Weisenburger / Senior Pastor at Bernal Church


“Tim Reilly is one of the most passionate and gifted evangelists I know.  There is no question in my mind that God has uniquely set Tim apart to lead people to say yes to Jesus, and to equip believers to do the same.  Tim also has a great heart and ability to communicate with students from middle school to college.  I would highly recommend Tim to any church to speak on a Sunday, lead an evangelism training, or speak to students.”

- David Hibiske / Family Pastor @ South Bay Church


“Tim Reilly is down-to-earth and humble–yet constantly pushes others to grow. He deeply cares about winning the lost and challenging those whom are stagnant in their faith. Due to Tim’s unique past he has a communication style that reaches those questioning their faith.  I believe Tim has a great gift of sincere communication, and our students loved him.” 

- Nathan Smith / Valley Christian High School, San Jose, Chapel coordinator


“Engaging, passionate, transparent, authentic, inspiring…..Tim Reilly embodies all of these things and more. His absolute confidence in the power of Christ that changes lives is obvious. His commitment to helping believers discover how to effectively share and live out their faith in natural and compelling ways is contagious. His challenge to the Church, individually and corporately, to infuse the call to evangelism into every situation, relationship, and moment is clear. His own example and current real-life stories keep it all fresh and interactive. Powerful, practical, hands-on, relevant….Timis enthusiastically encouraging this generation to allow the power of Christ’s resurrection to make an imprint on lives.” –

- Bill Allison / Worship Pastor at Saratoga Federated Church


“Tim was a hit with our people. His engaging passionate presentation connected with all ages, at all stages in their spiritual journey. If you have the opportunity to book Tim to speak to your group… do it! People will be thinking and talking about what he said for a long time.”

- Dave Gudgel / Lead Pastor Bridges Community Church Los Altos


“Tim Reilly shared the gospel with hundreds of students at UC Davis in a way that was vulnerable, personal, passionate, bold, and filled with love & grace.  We could not be more satisfied with our choice to have him as our speaker, and know that many lives were touched by his words. God’s annointing on his life to share the gospel in this way is clearly evident!”

– Michelle Mathew / Student at UC Davis


“We loved having Tim speak at AfterDark! His testimony is powerful and certainly an effective witness to the power of the grace of God. Not only that but his story challenges believers to get “all in” for God as his disciples. What I appreciated most about his message was that he made it very clear what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, there was no guessing about what Tim was challenging people to: complete life surrender to Jesus Christ. We look forward to having him back in the future!”

– Kevin Bennie / AfterDark Chapel Graduate Intern | Spiritual Development | Biola University


“Tim came to Biola a few weeks ago to speak in chapel and I was blown away with the response.  His story was so impactful and so encouraging, it was absolutely amazing.  His chapel was easily the best one that I have been to this year because he was relatable and extremely engaging. He knew exactly when to bring in elements such as humor and he had us all hooked within the first minute.  I hope that Tim comes back very soon because I know his story will impact many people for Christ.”

- JJ Carroll / Student and Worship leader at Biola University


“Tim Reilly is one of the most gifted teachers and communicators I’ve ever met. He has a unique ability to take complex spiritual concepts and distill them in a way that is simple, relatable, and engaging. His personal story also adds a compelling dimension to his message. Most of all, when he speaks lives are changed. If that isn’t a sign of God’s anointing in his life then I don’t know what is. “

– Jerry Shen / Entrepreneur group leader @ South Bay Church


“Tim offers everything I would want in a Christian speaker.  He brings a great blend of natural humor, candor and story telling while always speaking with clarity, boldness and evident passion for God’s Word.  Driven by his own vital relationship with Jesus, his messages center on the Gospel in fresh and compelling ways. With his background as a strong atheist, I love that he always leaves something for the skeptic and a challenge for the cultural Christians.”

- Paul Nunez / Campus Crusade (Cru) Ministry leader SJSU


“Tim Reilly, from KBM ministries, spoke to our Junior Highers on Radical Evangelism! The feedback received was awesome.  I had a whole slew of junior highers saying that was one of the best chapels of the year and they needed that.  Tim is fantastic and just what King’s was looking for to speak on Evangelism.  It was challenging, entertaining, funny and convicting.  I recommend Tim and we can’t wait to have him back at King’s to speak to our high school!”

- Hawley Menser / The King’s Academy Spiritual Life Director


“Tim is a great speaker with the heart of a pastor and the passion of an evangelist.  It is rare to find someone with heart and passion, who also has the ability to be an effective communicator. His ministry is a blessing to the local church. “

- Isaac Serrano / Lead Pastor South Valley Church in Gilroy


“When Tim Reilly speaks, he connects quickly and at a deep level with the whole audience. After speaking at our church for the first time, I had tremendously positive feedback from the youngest and oldest members of our congregation. His testimony is powerful and his message is simple and clear. We highly recommend Tim for any group, organization, or church looking for a fantastic speaker who communicates a clear gospel message and inspires listeners to actively share the gospel with others.”

– Andrew Isaacs / Lead Pastor Kingsway (Rose Garden) Church